What is SPIDER?

SPIDER is a leading-edge Quality Assurance (QA) tool designed for SmartPlant Instrumentation (SPI). Its primary function is to offer your facility unrivaled time and cost savings, while ensuring unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Enhance your SPI capabilities like never before with SPIDER, opening doors to a comprehensive set of advanced features:

  • Meticulous Validations that save you from extensive error corrections.
  • Custom Reporting tailored to your needs, conserving your valuable time.
  • Smart Data Queries to speed up your research and information gathering processes.
  • Easy-to-generate Import Links, reducing the time spent on complex manual work.

Effortlessly streamline your work processes with SPIDER, eliminating wasted time on complicated workflows. You'll witness significant increases in efficiency and productivity, effectively reducing operational costs. SPIDER's error detection mechanism helps you identify and rectify common mistakes, ensuring adherence to even the most complex standards and best practices - saving you from potential penalty costs. Embrace SPIDER and welcome a smooth, cost-effective operational flow.

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The Dashboard

The SPIDER Dashboard displays the database statistics for your entire domain. This includes the number of Loops, Tags, IO, Connections and more. There is a separate section for the engineering project summary. You can switch between projects to view the project totals.


SPIDER comes equipped with validation reports already created to check your database and allows for custom reports to be added to the interface. SPIDER checks your Instrument Index, Wiring, Specs, Process Data, Supporting Tables, Revision Data, and more. Run reports regularly to keep your data accurate and free of mistakes.

Custom Reports

If you have your own SQL reports, you can add them to your custom reports list in SPIDER. This makes it easy to run your saved reports and in bulk and generate view them in Excel. If you need custom reports specially written for you, our team can create them to fit your project needs.

Import Source Files

SPIDER has a feature that allows you to auto-generate your import spreadsheets for the import utility. This tool will save countless hours of creating spreadsheets manually to import data. The spreadsheets are preformatted with the inclusion of both the database field names and the easy-to-understand names from the GUI.

Smart DB Query

SPIDER’s Smart DB Query tool allows users to easily search for tags, cables, panels, IO, even spec data. It searches multiple fields at once giving you an easy and fast way to find and export the data that you need.

Data Comparison

The SPIDER Data Comparison tool allows for uses to select an excel file and directly compare it do SI Data quickly and precisely. For Example, You can import your DCS Data and check it against what exists in the SI Database. You can export the results and even use the file as a source to import back into SI.

Tag Sequence Search

SPIDER’s Tag Sequence Search will find the available tag/loop numbers based on the unit you select. This feature saves a substantial amount of time when choosing new tag sequence numbers.

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